Portrait of Joyce, made by Sabine Metz

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About Joyce:
Metropolis M
, no.4/2012, “STARTERS”
– By Katia Krupennikova

“Every year Metropolis M portrays some promising artists who studied at the art academies. This time the students emanate from HISK Gent, KABK The Hague, MaHKU Utrecht and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Joyce Overheul – MaHKU, Utrecht
Joyce Overheul has recently graduated from maHKU in Utrecht. Born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands in 1989, she is one of the youngest fine art MA alumni in the Netherlands. 

Overheuls practice spins around her ongoing research into participation and social media, while in the broader sense she examines the borders of ‘the private’ and ‘the public’ in the everyday life. Her interest derives from observing the ways how people act in the social networks ignoring the fact that it’s a semi-public space, and what drives them to act so. It’s notable that as a hobby Overheul is obsessed with taxidermy, which could be read as the way of testing the scope of life and death, or turning the life creature into it’s model, thus privatising the existence. 

The mass psychology as it extends through the phenomena of social networking and self-representation is always the core of the artist’s work even though it is not always placed in the internet. Through her practice Joyce activates unconscious mechanisms which motivate people to interact with artificial situations she creates, actively provoking an individual to participate in her work without being aware of it. 

Her social experiments has been surprisingly successful in terms of audience participation. For example her recent ongoing work The World’s Most Exclusive Membership is an invitation to a passer by to join the nonexistent VIP community through web registration, which artist promoted in the public arena by leaving specially produced clues, attracted over 15.000 visitors to the related website. Some of her ‘vanity fair victims’ passed the procedure of registration up to 40 times desperately filling in the proposed registration form as in fact the artist gave them no chance to really register. 

Speaking of other Joyce’s works it is intriguing how she makes people participate in the most impossible projects: starting from sending her their medicine and coming to giving her their personal details not even asking what she would further do with what she got or even giving her a permission to film their private life for 24 hours without cutting out the most intimate moments made to be shown in a public space. 

Joyce Overheul is still very young and her practice is yet to be developed, but her constant curiosity in how things work and the nature of her projects is as promising as I imagine could be Francis Alÿs or Gianni Motti in her age.”


Photo above made by Sabine Metz.


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