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The Big Draw Nijmegen 2015 – Mood Conceptstore & Prikkels


I was a participant of this year’s The Big Draw edition in Nijmegen, and I made drawings on the windows of Mood Conceptstore and Prikkels! Click on the read more tag to see some more photos.


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Cultural Sundays: The Battle


This Sunday there’s another edition of Cultural Sundays in Utrecht!

This edition’s theme is The Battle, and I’ll be taking part in a talkshow at Galerie Sanaa (Jansdam 2, Utrecht). Other participants are philosopher Rob van Gerwen and sports psychologist Jan Huijbers. The talkshow starts at 15hr, hope to see you there!

Here‘s a link to the event on Facebook.

Last weekend’s things… SWOOF x DPRK lamp at NEST HC!


Last weekend was the presentation of the SWOOF x DPRK lamp by Yudo Design!

Yudo Design has created an interactive led table lamp which you can operate with hand movements. They often collaborate with artists and designers to create new skins, the replaceable outer part of the lamp, so lamp owners can easily change the appearance of their lamps themselves. This weekend the lamp will also be on display (and for sale) at NEST at the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall, at the Seats2Meet venue.

Here’s a video on how the SWOOF design works:

SWOOF by YUDO design from 5GRADENOOST on Vimeo.

>>click here to go to Yudo Design’s website<<

And now… time for something else. Opening tonight! World Amigurumi Exhibition at RESOBOX Gallery, NYC


Opening tonight: World Amigurumi Exhibition at RESOBOX Gallery, New York City (USA). 76 of my crochet designs will be on display during this exhibition. Click >here< to go to the Facebook event. Click >here< to go to the RESOBOX Gallery website. All items will be on display until the 28th of February 2015.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, I raise funds for my art projects by designing and selling digital crochet patterns and crochet items. 🙂 >Here< is a link to one of my crochet pattern web shops.

No internet. My world is dying.


Yes, I’m feeling quite melodramatic because of this.

From the 10th until the 24th of August I’ll be traveling to Beijing, China and North Korea (yes, yes!) and I won’t have ANY internet.

This feels like a serious problem. I’ve never been without internet for that long since I was… 12? My income, my web shop, my work… everything depends on the bloody internet.

If you want to contact me, feel free to do so, but keep in mind I won’t reply until I’m back home. I won’t be reachable over phone either, but if all hell breaks loose for whatever reason, you can send me an email anyway and my partner will get back to you shortly.

The good news is that I finally felt like drawing again (for the first time in years), while preparing for my trip. Above you can see a simple line drawing I made of the Workers’ Party Monument in Pyongyang.

The sound of music

I know, I know.. it’s the cheesiest title imaginable for a blog post…. #lame

I recently get a lot of questions what kind of music I actually listen to while I’m at work. So I figured I could also share some songs with you(, also in an effort to make this shitty piece of internet slightly more personal). Most of the times I prefer classic rock, hard rock and metal from the 70’s/80’s/90’s, but I also like a bit of techno/electro/you name it-like stuff every now and then.

Currently I listen a lot to Gui Boratto and Gesaffelstein. Most of the times I listen to this kind of music on my mp3-player or when I’m at work in my studio in Utrecht, since it completely freaks out my 17-yo cat.

I’m not dead yet…

…I’m just REALLY busy. Hence it’s a bit quiet over here.

I moved in my new studio in Utrecht last week, and I’m still working on moving all my stuff to my new work space. Or work spaces, actually, since my new studio has 3 separate rooms in total.

It’s fucking huge.

Some pictures (of course, they’re panorama shots so the walls look a bit funky):





Love my new mono pod!

Sirui monopod from

I’m a sucker for gadgets. That said, it was only a question of time before I got myself a decent mono pod. The one I used before came from some crappy eBay store and was a bit too large to drag around all the time (didn’t fit in any bag or suitcase properly), so that kinda sucked ass…

Foto Grijpink, located in Nijmegen, NL has helped me out with my photography gear before (for instance with the 24H project) and they were happy to help my out on today’s mono pod quest as well! Thanks again guys for your support!

This fancy carbon mono pod is a Sirui P-326 by the way, and it’s really, really light weight (only 400 grams), and it fits in even my smaller backpacks without any problems. Can’t wait to use this baby for picture taking or filming! (:

The book about Rogier now has its own ISBN


…and is officially registered as a publication from now on!
So funny, I also had to register as an official publisher before I could request an ISBN.

Click >here< to read more about the Rogier project on my portfolio website.

You can still order your very own copy of the book for only €15,-. Feel free to contact me of you’re interested in obtaining one.