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LOOKING FOR MODELS! If you have a nice bum and identify as male, email me.


I still need 3-4 models to take photos of their bums for my project BUM REVISITED. (Yes, I’m recreating that 2009 bum photo, just because I can.) So, male bum owners, email me!


…of all ages, gender, shapes and sizes,
for executing the performance piece The Gaze.
Profile: you are courageous and not afraid. You handle confrontation well.
Date and time: 24th of September, 13:00hr until 15:30hr.
Location: A square somewhere in the West of The Netherlands, most likely located in The Hague or Rotterdam.
Financial compensation:
– travelling costs up to 10 euros in total
– a fee of 20 euros per performer
Please note: there will be a documentation video made of the performance.
For signing up or more info, send an email to info@j-o-y-c-e.com