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Meanwhile in the studio….


…headaches, backaches, any possible aches… long days, short nights…. (and ugly photoshop, as you can see above.)

But the new sculptural piece for the AK47 exhibition is ALMOST finished! Whoohoo!
It’s going to be an extended, kinda over the top version of the Walther Plush5 I made in 2013 for Festival de Basis in Soesterberg (NL). The Kalashnikov-themed exhibiition will be held at Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven (NL), opening on the 29th of May.

Yesterday I almost tore the entire thing apart when I started to stuff it, which brought me on the verge of a mental breakdown, but luckily it didn’t come this far… The pink satin is a real bitch to work with, but it’s going to look very pretty in the end! The rifle is stuffed with roasted sesame seeds (don’t ask..).


Sad, depressed rifle.

New work online: Walther Plush5

Walther Plush5

New work online: a photo of one of my Walther Plush5’s with a model.

Walther Plush5 is a site specific work I made for Festival de Basis, Soesterberg (NL) in 2013. It’s a crochet replica of one of the current handguns of the Dutch police force, on a 1:1 scale.

The theme of the entire festival was ‘war and peace’, hence the toy guns….

Walther Plush5 has an edition of five. Click >here< to go to the project’s webpage on my portfolio website. (link opens in a new window)