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Expoplu Engage: On the line of the Equator

Expoplu Engage: On the Line of the Equator

17.05.2019 – 09.06.2019
Opening 17.05.2019 / 20:00 – 23:00

Curator: Youri Appelo

Kunstenaars: Mirte van Duppen, Hannah Dawn Henderson, Joyce Overheul, Julius Thissen, Eef Veldkamp, Puck Verkade

Meestal als er in de krant iets te lezen is over ongelijkheid, heeft dit vaak betrekking tot financiële (on)gelijkheid. Zoals geregeld te lezen is, begint het gat tussen de allerrijksten en allerarmsten steeds verder te groeien. On the Line of the Equator vraagt zich af of de vraag in hoeverre wij gelijk zijn in de samenleving, alleen te beantwoorden is door een financiële balans op te maken. Gelijkheid en ongelijkheid zijn verschijnselen die op meer terreinen van toepassing zijn dan alleen die van het kapitaal en bezit. On the Line of the Equator staat stil bij meerdere voorbeelden waarin ongelijkheid wordt blootgelegd; soms op een directe en kritische wijze, soms op een poëtische of humoristische wijze.

Het onderzoeken van een thema zoals gelijkheid binnen het format van een tentoonstelling is een ingewikkelde doelstelling. Vragen doemen dan ook direct op: gelijkheid op globale schaal? Of alleen hier in Nederland? En waar heeft de onderzochte gelijkheid betrekking op? Op geld? Gender? Of drinkwater? De meeste vormen van ongelijkheid blijken zich ten eerste te bevinden in een complex web van omstandigheden, oorzaken en belangen, waarbij grote onderliggende en onzichtbare structuren soms een belangrijke rol spelen. Seksisme, gender ongelijkheid, (institutioneel) racisme, discriminatie op basis van nationaliteit en vormen van financiële ongelijkheid zijn voorbeelden waarbij ongelijkheid wortels heeft in diepere structuren, zoals overblijfselen van een koloniaal verleden, de vorming van staten, kapitalisme en de invloed van religie op onze normen en waarden. Ten tweede zijn er voorbeelden waar ongelijkheid resultaat is van een veelvoud aan factoren, oftewel waar sprake is van intersectionaliteit. Hoewel het symbool voor gelijkheid een weegschaal is, groeit het bewustzijn dat ongelijkheid niet slechts aan twee kanten te meten is.

De titel On the Line of the Equator is een metafoor voor het idee dat van een koorddanser die balanceert op de (denkbeeldige) lijn van de evenaar; het middelpunt van onze planeet dat balanceert tussen twee magnetische polen. Het verwijst naar de fragiliteit van het balanceren van de koorddanser, en onderstreept de continue beweging; van links naar rechts, van voren naar achteren en van boven naar onderen. Bij een val wordt er willekeurig en onbedoeld positie gekozen boven of onder de evenaar terecht te komen.

Kunst is in staat grenzen op te heffen, onderliggende structuren zichtbaar te maken en een poëtisch toekomst narratief uiteen te zetten. On the Line of the Equator poogt vormen van ongelijkheid en haar oorzaken te confronteren om uiteindelijk een voedingsbodem te creëren voor verandering. Of zoals James Baldwin zei: “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced”.

The Big Draw Nijmegen 2015 – Mood Conceptstore & Prikkels


I was a participant of this year’s The Big Draw edition in Nijmegen, and I made drawings on the windows of Mood Conceptstore and Prikkels! Click on the read more tag to see some more photos.


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How I spent my grant #1



You might have noticed that I recently received a Stipendium for Emerging Artists by the Mondriaan Fund. You have no idea how thankful I am for this. This grant is going to make so many things so much easier for the next couple years. Since it’s public money, I thought I might as well share with you how I spend your tax money.

You might wonder how I make money as an artist. I don’t really do so, actually, or at least not a lot. I already saw that one coming when I was in art school so I started to design and sell digital crochet patterns on multiple selling venues online, and through my personal website. This pays most of the bills. Next to that I make some money on hosting presentations about my work, or exhibition fees.

This income is enough to pay the bills and my studio rent, but if I have to save extra money to buy new equipment (hardware, software, you name it) next to developing new projects (which are also expensive, most of the time), it’s going to take a LOT of time before I can buy some hard needed things. These things, like for instance the new camera on top of this page, will last for years, and in the meantime it’s my goal to grow my company (art + crochet patterns) enough so I won’t have to rely on other sources of income anymore. That’s why I decided to apply for a grant.

Not all things I’m spending my grant on are very visible to the public. One of the first things I did was hiring two translators in order to translate the best selling crochet patterns into Spanish and German. This way I hope to expand my audience in the crochet pattern world and increase this passive income.

Next to that, I bought a beamer. A very nice Full-HD 4000 ansi lumen beamer. Since video projections have become a serious part of my portfolio, I didn’t want to rely on other people’s beamers with crap resolutions or crap contrasts.

Also, and this might sound kinda stupid, but I bought a folding bike. This actually wasn’t that expensive (160 euros), but it gives me the opportunity to skip using busses and other annoying public transport things in other places (everything but the train is annoying imho) and just bike from place to place right after I get out of the train.

Today I made my most expensive purchase so far: I bought a new camera, a decent microphone for filming and a new wide angle lens. I kinda fucked up my old camera when it comes down to shooting video when I made the 24H video project (24 hours real time film), and it started to show more and more signs of its approaching death. Also I didn’t have a decent microphone for filming yet, and I wanted to expand my lens gear: I already had a 18-200mm lens, the new one is 10-20mm. Which will be amazing when I have to shoot buildings. When filming in North Korea I found out right away that my current lens (18-200) wasn’t suitable enough for some monuments/buildings (and I immediately started thinking I already screwed up the entire project), so I want to save myself from any more stress like this in the future.

I bought my photography gear at Foto Grijpink, Nijmegen; thanks so much for your support! They have been supporting me for various projects already, it’s amazing!

Recap: The Big Draw Nijmegen 2014


The Big Draw 2014 at the Valkhof Museum


The Big Draw 2014 at De Dromaai

So in the end I made drawings at the Valkhof Museum (theme: Pyongyang) and at De Dromaai (theme: cats).

The cat drawings turned out to be a huge success! I overheard people talking about them at a place which wasn’t even close to the actual drawings, so that’s great. I didn’t really get any further responses from the Valkhof Museum about the drawings about whether they liked them or not, except from the maintenance guys (who, luckily, thought they were pretty neat).

Click on ‘read more’ to see some more pictures!

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The Big Draw Nijmegen 2014

Photo 09-09-14 15 38 45

This week I’m a participating artist at The Big Draw in Nijmegen (NL), a festival about drawing.

I’ll be drawing shit at two locations this week; today I made a small series of drawings at the Valkhof Museum, since the drawing over there had to be finished before the festival starts (which is tomorrow), and from tomorrow until Sunday I’ll draw something on the window of the Dromaai.

Today I made some drawings about my trip to the DPRK. I still have to take decent photos, so until that point you’ll have to look at my wacky phone photos…

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Love my new mono pod!

Sirui monopod from Fotogrijpink.nl

I’m a sucker for gadgets. That said, it was only a question of time before I got myself a decent mono pod. The one I used before came from some crappy eBay store and was a bit too large to drag around all the time (didn’t fit in any bag or suitcase properly), so that kinda sucked ass…

Foto Grijpink, located in Nijmegen, NL has helped me out with my photography gear before (for instance with the 24H project) and they were happy to help my out on today’s mono pod quest as well! Thanks again guys for your support!

This fancy carbon mono pod is a Sirui P-326 by the way, and it’s really, really light weight (only 400 grams), and it fits in even my smaller backpacks without any problems. Can’t wait to use this baby for picture taking or filming! (:

New exhibitions coming up

Thank nothing-up-there that my agenda isn’t empty! I’m always afraid of the big ol’ scary empty agenda, large white sheets filled with…. absolutely nothing. *insert horror sound over here, please*


Above: the installation at CC: Casco Concreet

12th of January – 2nd of February: CC: Casco Concreet, Utrecht, The Netherlands

So, first of all there’s still a work of mine on view at CC: Casco Concreet in Utrecht. That will run until the 2nd of February, so if you haven’t been there yet, make sure you go to Utrecht asap! (At least on a Wednesday or Sunday, since the exhibition space is open those two days.) The work that’s on view there are the documentation videos of the IT project. Next Wednesday I’ll be there myself too, from 15:30 until 19:00h. There you can also see one of the most pretty chairs in the world, the vintage Gispen chair I inherited from my grandmother.

31st of January-2nd of February: TWK #4, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I’ve donated some parts of works and documentation to the Tijdelijke KunstWinkel #4 in Utrecht (temporary art store). In this pop up art store you can buy art for only 10 euros, and best of it all: all of that 10 euros will go to charity! This year we’re raising money for clean drinking water in Cameroon, the Manganjo project of LiveBuild.

Some websites you might want to check out: http://www.tijdelijkekunstwinkel.nl/ and http://www.livebuild.org/projects/manganjo/

I won’t tell you yet which of my works will be available for purchase, that’s a surprise! (Or go to the temporary art store, of course!)

20th of February-13th of April: Kunstenlab, Deventer, The Netherlands

The Rogier project will be on view here. Yoohoo! The date of the opening isn’t known yet, but as soon as I’ve got more info, I’ll let you know.

27th-30th of March: u topia, Collectief Derde Wal, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

For this exhibition I’m developing at least 1 project concept, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish a new documentary-style video for the show itself too. I still don’t feel like sharing too much about these two new things, but as you can already guess, it will have something to do with the theme ‘utopia’.

So, as you can see there are quite some things coming up…. Yay, no empty agenda!


Update (26/01): My work has also been selected for the Unnoticed Art Festival. Yoohoo!