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Alleen op een Landgoed @ Bergarde Galleries


For the exhibition project PLAYGROUND at Bergarde Galleries, Heerjansdam I made a remake of the 1971 radioproject Alleen op een Eiland.

Between the 3rd and 7th of April I camped at Landgoed het Buitenland to find out what happens at the estate when people are not around. During my stay I recorded an audio documentary, which can be listened to below:

More info about the project can be found here for now: https://bergarde.com/nieuws/kunstenaar-op-het-landgoed/

My personal portfolio website will be updated with this project soon.


Artist in residence at Bergarde Galleries for the new exhibition PLAYGROUND


Above: the campsite during the evening at Landgoed Het Buitenland

I’m a bit off the radar this year. First I stayed in Iran for a month, then I went into hiding in a tent at Bergarde Galleries.

Read more about my camp trip and the project in general over here: https://bergarde.com/nieuws/kunstenaar-op-het-landgoed/